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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I will devote today's post to catching you up on all the magazines I've received this week (such hard work I go through for this job)...

We Read Vibe So You Don't Have To!
(from Vibe: August, 2006)

* In collection development news, a new Tupac book is going to be released: Tupac Shakur Legacy, by Jamal Joseph. The book will contain "handwritten notes, lyrics, and even excerpts from an original script crafted by the slain rapper."

* The magazine writes up the genius of Lupe Fiasco, the Kanye West/Jay-Z protege' who is the anti-hip hop Hip Hop Star. He doesn't drink. He doesn't do drugs. He doesn't go to clubs. He reads books. Seriously, can we get this guy on a Hip Hop Library Tour? Any takers?

* There is also a great article entitled "Behind Closed Doors," about the lives of rapper's wives.

We Read Spin So You Don't Have To!
(from Spin: August, 2006)

MySpace has rewritten its rules regarding music: if bands post songs to the website, Rupert Murdoch gets to "use, copy, modify, adapt, translate, publicly display, store, reproduce, transmit, and distribute" whatever he and his News Corp. pleases. Billy Bragg is not happy.

* Oooh! There is a new book coming out about air guitar competitions: To Air is Human: One Man's Quest to Become the World's Greatest Air Guitarist. There is also a new documentary: Air Guitar Nation. Have you given thought to having an air guitar contest @ your library?

* On page 78, Jon Dolan gives a great instructional guide on "How to Buy Heavy Metal." The list includes albums by Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Slayer. Cut this out and put it on your fridge. Now.

We Read Mojo So You Don't Have To!
(from Mojo: August, 2006)

* Are there other librarians out there with a mild Factory Records obsession? The defunct label that brought you great British bands such as Joy Division, New Order, and Happy Mondays now has a tribute book: Factory Records: The Complete Graphic Album. The book contains a complete collection of the label's graphic output, including record sleeves, posters, and flyers.

* Other collection development news:
- Rhino re-releases Jesus & Mary Chain albums!
- Ten Stax Profiles discs are released! Viva la soul!
- The book Thin Wild Mercury: Bob Dylan is released and is limited to 1,500 copies! Hurry!!!
- A concert DVD of Coachella, the California music festival, is out. See live White Stripes, Arcade Fire, Belle & Sebastian, and The Flaming Lips in all their glory!


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