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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It's been a busy week . . .

Buzz of the afternoon . . . Apple + Cingular = Iphone.

It's a plot to make librarians look like music-haters. "This isn't a cellphone!" Assuming it looks more like an Ipod than those pesky MP3 phones . . . (Just jealous because mine was kicked off of the government spouse share plan.)

--- update --

Seems to be some contention surrounding the name -- but the most complete coverage I've seen yet has been from the NYT video blogs -- the archive from 1/11/06 on the main page.

I'll post the link when I get to a computer with Flash capability.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Meeting That Looks Right Up My Alley

Note: Early Registration Deadline is January 19, 2007!

Join the Music OCLC Users Group at their annual meeting to be held 27-28 February 2007 in Pittsburgh, PA. The meeting will be held at the Hilton Pittsburgh, and takes place immediately prior to the joint Music Library Association/Society of American Music annual meeting. Program sessions include "Open WorldCat/WorldCat.org," "OCLC and Outsourced Cataloging Services," "Music Acquisitions Issues and OCLC," and the ever-popular "Ask MOUG" (question and answer period with Jay Weitz and Mela Kircher of OCLC).

Please note that the early registration deadline is January 19, 2007.

The official registration form is included in the December issue of the MOUG Newsletter, as well as in the Music Library Association's conference mailing for those of you who are also members of MLA. It is also available online from the MOUG website: http://www.musicoclcusers.org/regfrm07.htm

Registration Fees:

Personal Member: $95
Non-Member: $110
Student: $45
1st-time Attendee (payable only at the first-ever MOUG annual meeting one attends, regardless of professional or employment status): $50

Late Registration Fee (add to all on-site registrations and to registrations postmarked or paid in-person after January 19, 2007): $35

Conference Hotel information (make reservations directly with the hotel):
Hilton Pittsburgh
600 Commonwealth Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
1-800-HILTONS (1-800-445-8667)
(412) 391-4600

Request group rate for "MUSIC LIBRARY ASSOCIATION"
Rates: $145 single/double room occupancy, each additional person $20; 14% room tax.

The individual MOUG membership fee is $15, which is payable separately from the meeting registration.

Mary Huismann

Mary Huismann mailto:huism002@tc.umn.edu
Music Original Cataloger
Univ. of Minnesota (612) 625-6658 (voice)
160/170 Wilson Library (612) 625-3428 (fax)
309 - 19th Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55455

One perk about working where I do is that we get (essentially) a three week vacation break during the holidays. It’s not company policy, per say, but since I can rarely use my vacation during school days, I end up taking most of these three weeks off. My roll-over is January 28th, so I’ve been frantically using up my personal days before the start of our quarter, that being today.

So, that explains my extended break. I know it’s tradition to warn readers ahead of time about long absences, but I’m happy to report that my weeks of rest have me fired up for daily posts again.

First, a big backup of linkspam . . . Tomorrow, I’ll hit the magazines.

- Here’s me recommending a service I haven’t tried . . . but I fully mean to, because in the sea of music services, it at least has a new pricing model.

Amie Street

(from BoingBoing)

Amie Street is a very interesting music publishing site that offer quality DRM free music for a very reasonable price. Songs start off completely free. As it gets more known the price increases up to about one dollar for a song if it gets really popular. They have also included a nifty recommendation system that gives the user rewards if he or she recommend music that turns out to become popular.

- This next link is vital. You must familiarize yourself with Mashable’s 2006 Social Networking Awards or forever since into the oblivion of obsolescence. Or something equally dramatic.

In all seriousness, Mashable has the best rundown of this year’s Web 2.0 developments, including “editor’s picks”, “popular choice”, and “2007 preview” for each category.

Social Networking Awards - The Top Social Networks of 2006

1. Mainstream and Large Scale Networks

2. Widgets and Add-Ons

3. Social News and Social Bookmarking

4. Sports and Fitness

5. Photo Sharing

6. Video Sharing

7. Startpages

8. Places and Events

9. Music

10. Social Shopping

11. Mobile

12. Niche and Miscellaneous Social Networks

- One might be tempted to look outside of the usual year-end reports from Billboard to double-check music purchases for 2006. Here are two options:

ResourceShelf » List & Rankings: Amazon.com Releases Its “Best of 2006 List”

Categories include:

+ Books
+ Music
+ DVD’s
+ Electronics
+ Automotive
+ Toys
+ Many other categories

Also includes:
+ Most-Loved Products
+ Most Wished-For Products
+ Most Popular Gift Products

End of the year charts from Radio and Records

- Totally Sweet Education Tool

History of Rock Visual Timeline

From the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame . . .

an interactive, animated compendium of rock and popular music history.
Discover unexpected connections between artists. Track the growth of a musical movement. Zoom in on the day the Beatles invaded America, or out to a bird's-eye view of the blues' sweeping influence. It's all here.

- Fun BoingBoing Guitar Tech picture – plus patents – a most librarian-friendly resource . . .

Ironic Sans has a collection of links to patents filed by celebrities, along with the patent illos -- Eddie Van Halen's rock-out guitar-support; Zeppo Marx's cardiac monitor; Penn Gillette's sex-bathtub; Michael Jackson's anti-gravity effect; Jamie-Lee Curtis's baby garment; Hedy Lamar's crypto device and many others

- News tidbit:

Record co's seek $1.65 trillion from AllOfMP3.com

- Iggy Pop: "Godfather of Punk" Interview

The best part of this extended and funny NPR interview is the part where he attributes libraries for his success. Honestly, we should be exploiting the heck out of this quote.