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Saturday, December 16, 2006

We (I?) read NME . . .
(Nov 25 and Dec 2)

Hedonism, hedonism, hedonism . . . the NME writers crack me up. Only a UK mag would tag the rock star life-style every single time with a four syllable word that refers to a Hellenic philosophy.

- Looks like we should keep an eye out for The Killers' attempted "Christmas classic" called 'A Great Big Sled.' It says they take inspiration from John Lennon's 'Happy Xmas (War Is Over)' but the title doesn't exactly convey any world-saving aspirations. Unless America is a great big sled on an icy switchback with hair-pin turns. No idea.

- Hee. An article dedicated to the "MENTAL riders bands are demanding" -- a David Hasselhoff shrine is involved. That's all I need to say. I'm pretty sure that single-handedly put Jamie Frost at #20 on the Cool List.

- Yikes. Just watched the new Gwen Stefani video on NME.com. My hubby adores Gwen Stefani, and this is the first album he hasn't bought on the release day . . . in fact, he hasn't even mentioned it. Neptunes and Gwen, you need to back away from each other slowly. See other people. Yodeling in da club. Word. What?

- Again, NME writers rule.

And while Radiohead continue to shirk that mantle by retreating ever deeper into their own world and Coldplay continue to worry themselves into baldness over whether or not they are actually good, it's left to Muse to have the time of their lives.


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